“What we can learn from ancient genomics” by Eske Willerslev

From 5/9/2018

"What we can learn from ancient genomics"

Lecture by Professor Eske Willerslev
Eske Willerslev is a Danish DNA researcher and professor at the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Geogenetics under the National Museum of Natural History. By 2015 he was appointed Prince Philip Professor at the University of Cambridge.

Abstract on the lecture

In the past two decades, ancient DNA research has progressed from the retrieval of small fragments of mitochondrial DNA from a few specimens to large-scale genome studies of ancient human populations, the diseases they carried, and the environment surrounding them. Increasingly, ancient genetic information is providing a unique means to directly test theories in archaeology, anthropology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Initial results have changed the way we look at long debated topics such as early peopling of the Europe, Asia, and the Americas.