“The Drone Sensorium and Communities”

From 3/10/2018

The Drone Sensorium and Communities

by Kathrin Maurer, Dr. Phil, Associate Professor of German Studies
Institute for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Remote sensing, fluid surveillance, and algorithmic data streaming make drones into powerful “sensing” machines, that in turn not only extend the human sensorium but also evoke sensory affects within the subject. This talk demonstrates how these sensorial experiences can construct visions of human collectives and communities. Drones and their human agents can generate perceptions of the world, ideologies, racial dichotomies, and bio-political discourses. Artists have engaged with these “drone imaginaries” and have tried to create alternative images and narratives dismantling the power of the drone. By discussing “drone art” (novels, art installations, photography, films about drones), this talk demonstrates how the aesthetic realm can deconstruct, de-territorialize, and experiment with the sensory power of the drone and its scopic regimes.