Human Cell Atlas: Mapping the human body once cell at a time

From 27/5/2020

By Sarah Teichmann

Dr. Sarah Teichmann, Group Leader at Sanger Institute and co-PI of the Human Cell Atlas will discuss how this ambitious global initiative provides unprecedented understanding of human cells and tissues in health and diseases such as cancer and Covid-19 infection. The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) is an ambitious global initiative aiming to create comprehensive reference map of all human cells—the fundamental units of life—as a basis for both understanding human health and diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease. Co-founded by Dr Sarah Teichmann from the Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK, and Dr Aviv Regev from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in the US, the HCA was launched in London in 2016. The HCA’s ground-breaking approach is providing unprecedented understanding of human cells and tissue architecture in health and diseases including Covid-19 infection, cancer, respiratory and auto-immune disease.