Designing for situated knowledge in a world of change

From 16/12/2020

By Nina Bonderup Dohn

In this lecture, Nina Bonderup Dohn will address a basic question in education: How can students learn to put knowledge, developed in one context, to use in other contexts? This question poses a major challenge for the educational systems of today because of the following conundrum: in contemporary society, people are required to traverse a range of different settings with different competence demands, and they often have to utilize knowledge across these different settings. However, several strands of research (e.g. practice theory, situated learning, embodied cognition) join in pointing out that knowledge is situated, i.e. acquires form and content from the context in which it is learnt. Transfer of knowledge across settings is therefore no straightforward matter. It involves transformation of the situatedly learned knowledge so that it fits the new setting. Learning to do so emerges as crucial for students of today, and facilitating transformation becomes a key task for many educational systems. In the talk, Nina Bonderup Dohn will present research on knowledge transformation, on design principles to support it, and on the implementation of specific learning designs in educational practice. The talk draws on the work conducted in the recent DFF-project Designing for situated knowledge in a world of change (2015-2020).