Søren Askegaard

Søren Askegaard
Chair of Social Sciences
Department of Marketing & Management


PhD. Professor Søren Askegaard is the founder of the research unit Consumption, Culture and Commerce the Department of Marketing & Management at SDU and the incoming president of the international Consumer Culture Theory Consortium

He is past Associate Editor and current member of the editorial review board of consumer research’s leading journal Journal of Consumer Research, as well as past or present editorial board member of other international top journals such as Consumption, Markets and Culture and Journal of Business Research. Among his initiatives are the educational program (BSc) in Market and Management Anthropology (a globally unique program), the European Doctoral School of Consumer Culture Theorizing and the research-business collaboration platform Brand Base.

Professor Søren Askegaard’s work has been recognized through several prestigious research awards, including the Danish Marketing Research Award and the Danish Business Research Academy Award.

His research centers around the cultural logics of contemporary consumer culture. He has done research in various topics within this domain, including globalization processes, food and health in consumption, branding and commercial imagery and desire as a consumer cultural logic. He is widely acknowledged for a critical, cross-disciplinary approach to consumption as a social phenomenon. He has published in the field’s leading journals and co-authored with some of the most outstanding researchers within consumer research.

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