Rosa M. Rodriguez Porto

Rosa M. Rodriguez Porto
Fellow of Humanities
Department of History

Ph.D. Rosa María Rodríguez Porto is an Assistant Professor at the Department of History at SDU.

Rosa María Rodríguez Porto is an art historian by training, has extensively worked on medieval book illumination, on medieval Iberian courtly culture and on the Classical tradition in the Middle Ages.

Recent publications include: ‘Knighted by the Apostle Himself: Political Fabrication and Chivalric Artifact in Compostela,1332’, in The Agency of Things in Medieval and Early Modern Art: Materials, Power and Manipulation, ed. by Grażyna Jurkowlaniec, Ika Matyjaszkiewicz, and Zuzanna Sarnecka (Routlegde, 2018), pp. 51-62; ‘Ruined Landscape: Images and Mirages in the Study of Castilian Manuscript Production (1284-1369)’, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, 17.3 (2016): 221-37, and ‘Imagines historiarum: Visions of the Past in Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts’, in The Medieval World (2nd edition), ed. by Peter Linehan and Marios Costambeys (forthcoming).

She is currently working on the Late Medieval Iberian historiographical production, and more broadly, on medieval historical imagination, paying special attention to the uses of images in the construction of historical discourse.

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