Marianne Holmer

Marianne Holmer
Faculty of Science

Ph.D. Marianne Holmer is Biology Professor at the Faculty of Science at SDU and the Director of DIAS.

Marianne Holmer received her Ph.D. from the Institute of Biology at SDU (formerly known as Odense Universitet) in 1994. Since then she has been on the receiving end of multiple grants and served on a wide variation of national as well as international boards such as the Marine Biotechnology Advisory Board (2009) and the committee for the Nordic Environment Prize (2019-).

As a researcher she studies ecology in the coastal zone with a focus on the interaction between ecology and biogeochemical conditions in the sediment. She is particularly interested in studying the response of plants to different influences along gradients, e.g. nutritional gradients, stress gradients, and disturbance gradients.

In 2019 Marianne Holmer was elected Dean at the Faculty of Science at SDU and also became the Director of DIAS. As such, her area of responsibility includes:

– Drawing up proposals for budget and annual accounts for DIAS
– Drawing up guidelines for the use of the DIAS building
– Appointing new chairs, senior fellows and fellows to DIAS as well as assessing when a DIAS affiliate is no longer active
– Approving job announcements and employments (or layoffs) of DIAS fellows on assistant professor level in cooperation with the faculties

For more information about Professor Marianne Holmer, please refer to the SDU Research Portal.