Jesper Wengel

Jesper Wengel
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Jesper Wengel is Professor of bioorganic chemistry, Director of of the Nucleic Acid Center (NAC) and The Biomolecular Nanoscale Engineering Center (BioNEC; a VILLUM Center of Excellence)

Prior to his current position as professor at University of Southern Denmark, Professor Wengel was professor of organic chemistry at University of Copenhagen and associate professor of organic chemistry at Odense University. He has further been a research fellow at University of Colorado at Boulder.

His research is focused on nucleic acid chemical biology and nanotechnology. He is co-inventor of the LNA (locked nucleic acid) and UNA (unlocked nucleic acid) technologies, and he is co-founder of RiboTask, a biotech company focused on developing and marketing novel RNA technologies for gene silencing.

Professor Wengel has been recognized with numerous awards and prestigious research grants, including a Danish National Research Foundation grant 2001-2011, an ERC advanced grant (2011-2016) and a VILLUM center of excellence grant (2012-2017). He is elected member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, The Danish Academy of Natural Sciences and The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, and he was knighted Ridder af Dannebrogsordenen (Knight of Dannebrog) in 2012.

Among the awards he has received are The Bjerrum Chemistry Award 2001, The Lundbeck Foundation’s Research Prize for Young Researchers 2002, The Danish Academy of Natural Sciences Industry Award 2002, The UCB Award for Excellence in Medicinal Chemistry 2004, The Villum Kann Rasmussen Grant for Technical Research 2005, The OBC Lecture Award 2006, The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs Research Award 2007 and The Ib Henriksen Foundation Research Award 2008.

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