James Rogers

James Rogers
Fellow of Political Science
Department of Political Science


Ph.D. Dr. James Rogers is a Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at SDU and Associate Fellow within The London School of Economics and Political Science’s foreign policy think tank (LSE IDEAS).

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Dr. James Rogers is currently Special Advisor to the UK Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones and an UK MoD Defence Opinion Leader. He has previously been a Visiting Research Fellow at Stanford University, Yale University, and the University of Oxford. James is the Co-founder and Co-Convenor of BISA War Studies, the War Studies section of the British International Studies Association.

His work has appeared in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the International Journal of Human Rights, International Peacekeeping, History Today, BBC History Magazine, and BBC World Histories (amongst others).

Dr. James Rogers research has been featured by the Washington Post, Economist, CNN, Reuters, the Guardian, Rolling Stone Magazine, ABC News, Wired, and Gizmodo. James is the presenter of the Untold History series on Dan Snow’s History Hit TV, a TEDx speaker, and a contributing expert to BBC Horizon, the History Channel and VICE.

Watch the History Hit series here: Untold History

His research focuses on drone warfare, contemporary security policy, and the history of warfare.

For more information about Dr. James Rogers, please refer to the SDU Research Portal and/or his website and Twitter:@DrJamesRogers.