Changzhu Wu

Changzhu Wu
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy

Changzhu Wu is currently an Assistant Professor in Danish-IAS, affiliated with the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FKF), University of Southern Denmark (SDU). He serves as editorial board member for Journal of Critical Review and was a leading guest editor for Journal of Nanomaterials.

Prior to Danish-IAS, he was a group leader (Habilitand) at Institute of Microbiology, Technical University of Dresden (TUD). Besides, he completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry from TU Berlin and postdoc training from FU Berlin, respectively.

Changzhu is focusing on the research of “NanoBiocatalysis”, in which he uses cutting-edge nanomaterials to improve the performance of enzymes/whole cells, in particular for synthesis in organic solvents.