Aleksander Krag

Aleksander Krag
Chair of Health Sciences
Department of Clinical Research

Dr. Aleksander Krag is Professor and senior consultant of Hepatology and Director of Odense Liver Research Centre at SDU and Odense University Hospital (OUH).

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Dr. Aleksander Krag’s background consist of an MD degree and PhD degree from University of Copenhagen and clinical training in the Capital Region of Denmark to become specialist in GI and Liver diseases. He pursued executive management training and completed the “Pasteur programme” from Harvard Business School and hold an executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

His passion is research within liver fibrosis, complications to cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease. IDr. Aleksander Krag is involved in and hold leader positions in a number of large research collaborations in liver diseases, including being director of FLASH: Fibrosis Fatty Liver and Steatohepatitis Research Centre Odense, Coordinator in the H2020 project GALAXY: Gut and Liver Axis in Alcoholic Liver Fibrosis and partner in the H2020 projects MicrobPredict and LiverScreen and PI in the Centre of Excellence ATLAS.  He is also involved in several international organisational activities.

For more information about Dr. Aleksander Krag, please refer to the SDU Research Portal.