Trine Flockhart appointed as full Professor

D-IAS Associate Chair of Social Science Trine Flockhart is now full Professor at the Center for War Studies and at the Department of Political Science and Public Management at University of Southern Denmark. 

By Susanne Siig Petersen

Professor Trine Flockhart has just been appointed as the first female full Professor ever at Center for War Studies (CWS) at University of Southern Denmark – and as the first female Professor in 20 years at the Department of Political Science and Public Management. We hasten to add that this is not because she is a female, but because of her many years of intensive qualified experience and groundbreaking research within her field of international relations.

The newly appointed Professor states:

I am really pleased to have been appointed as a full professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and as Associate Chair at D-IAS. My research speaks particularly to the themes of importance in the Center for War Studies.

Professor Sten Rynning, the Head of Centre for War Studies at Department of Political Science and Public Management is both happy and proud at having recruited Trine Flockhart as his new colleague.

As to the background and reasoning for the appointment of Trine Flockhart, Sten Rynning says:

We are delighted to have recruited Trine Flockhart as Professor. She has tremendous international experience and a cutting edge research agenda related to international order and conflict, and she is uniquely capable of generating societal impact from academic research. Trine does not sit in the ivory tower; she is determined to integrate academic knowledge and societal awareness and debate, and we look forward to benefiting from her considerable experience.

International security and transatlantic relations

A few weeks ago Trine Flockhart did her first and very timely talk in D-IAS called: “What is happening to international order?” 

“My research focuses on a broad range of security related issues, especially NATO and transatlantic relations and the current transformation of international order. The two topics are tightly connected, especially in the current crisis of the liberal international order and the emergence of new forms of domestic politics that increasingly are focused on threats rather than hope. My research points to a very unsettled period ahead with much uncertainty and probably many crises to test our political institutions – international ones as well as domestic ones. There is an urgent need for interdisciplinary research on how complex systems such as the global international society changes.”

From UK to Odense

It comes naturally to Trine Flockhart to have an international perspective on her academic carreer as the world is her workplace and research field, but now Odense is the centre of her everyday life as Professor:

I have returned home to Denmark after three years as Professor of International Relations at the University of Kent. Leaving the UK was a difficult decision that in many ways was brought about by the uncertainty surrounding the position of EU citizens, such as myself, and the likely impact on British research funding following Brexit. The opportunity at SDU therefore came exactly at the right time.

First woman – but not the last

The fact that Trine Flockhart is a woman somewhat breaks the tradition in a usually rather male-dominated research field:

I am also very proud to be the first woman to hold a full professorship in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration. As a mother of four and as a woman in what for long was a male dominated field, I am acutely aware of the challenges facing women aiming to reach the top of the career ladder. I hope I will not be the only female full professor for too long.

Congratulations, Professor Flockhart!

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