Press Release: Sten Rynning appointed to agenda-setting network

It is issues about European defence and security that the network is debating and looking for solutions to – a network of which SDU Professor Sten Rynning has just joined.

By Marlene Jørgensen

Professor and Dean of Research Sten Rynning has joined an exclusive group of leading experts addressing security and defence issues across Europe.
The network is called The Alphen Group and counts 16 members, all of whom are concerned about the future of the transatlantic relationship and European security.

Sten Rynning has been researching international politics for 24 years, and he has mainly worked on NATO and the war in Afghanistan. He is also an active debater and has helped to put SDU’s Center for War Studies on the world map – a centre he established himself back in 2011.

Solutions for the Future of Security Policy
The motivation behind The Alphen Group is a common concern about developments in European security and defence policy against growing divisions across the Atlantic and within Europe. That is why the experts have set out to seek solutions for a safer Europe.

In short, the ambition is to move beyond the culture of discussion in Europe, which rarely reaches from words to actual action, by offering decision-makers a basic vision for the security and defence of the future.

“It is incredibly exciting to be part of an expert environment where we focus on formulating thoughts and ideas adapted to political problems in an attempt to create positive change”, says Sten Rynning, adding, “The network is geared to seek dialogue with the political environment. We need to be not just creative, but creative and relevant.”

Meet the researcher
Sten Rynning is professor of international politics at the Center for War Studies and dean of research at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In addition, he is a senior fellow at SDU’s interdisciplinary research centre, The Danish Institute for Advanced Study. Most recently, he has now joined the network The Alphen Group.

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