On 23 September 2016, the Danish Institute for Advanced Studies at SDU was (re)opened

D-IAS is a new national research centre at the University of Southern Denmark, aimed at creating a special environment dedicated to fundamental research at the highest level.

The goal of D-IAS is to generate unique research results. The high level will also mean that we can attract not only the most gifted researchers, but also ambitious students, who would like to make a career at SDU and at the most prestigious research centres and universities worldwide, when they have finished their studies, Vice-Chancellor Henrik Dam said at the opening.

Nine researchers from SDU’s five faculties have been appointed chairs of D-IAS. Leading the research centre are Professor of Physics Francesco Sannino and Professor of Organisational Design Thorbjørn Knudsen.

At the opening, the two leaders announced that D-IAS will bring together internal and external researchers and talented students, who can inspire each other across disciplines, departments and faculties. It must create a research environment where there is space to let young researchers test new ideas and develop their talent. That is why it is important to cultivate a ‘growth mind-set’.

At D-IAS, we can offer time and resources for original, curiosity-driven research. Our mind-set is ‘Be Curious. Keep Trying, Dare Fail. No Duties, Only Opportunities’, Francesco Sannino and Thorbjørn Knudsen said at the presentation.

The plan is to foster fundamental research across different fields that will further increase the university’s visibility.

Every Wednesday around lunchtime, there will be either a lecture or presentation of ideas, which is open to students, employees and the public.