D-IAS in joint workshop at Yale

Danish Institute for Advanced Study (D-IAS) is one of the partners in a joint international workshop about modern western warfare at Yale University (US).  

By Susanne Siig Petersen

INTERNATIONAL SECURITY: This week a unique international workshop takes place at Yale University, Institute for International Security Studies in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Seven different nations are represented and over 20 high profile academics, military practitioners and policy makers will participate.

The main theme is Emerging Trends And Issues in Modern Western Warfare and the joint workshop is a result of a new collaboration between Danish Institute for Advanced Study (D-IAS), Yale University and Center for War Studies at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) – hosted and facilitated by D-IAS Assistant Professor James Rogers.

The purpose is to share and discuss the newest knowledge and research in the field of modern warfare in the western world and international security across the Atlantic.
Five Danish researchers from SDU will contribute with their professional input and current research.

Among the participants is also Dr. Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer from the Ministry of the Armed Forces in France. He will be talking about Remote Warfare and Fighting Misconceptions.

Naturally, modern warfare technologies in general – and advanced drones specifically – will also be on the agenda.

Sharing knowledge and forming groundbreaking ideas in collaboration is what D-IAS is all about.

Thanks to all participants and partners and to James Rogers for arranging it. 

The workshop will take place Thursday and Friday in New Haven.