D-IAS Chair Susanne Mandrup recieves 60 million DDK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

D-IAS Chair Susanne Mandrup – Professor at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – has just received 60 million DKK from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to establish a new Centre for Adipocyte Signaling (ADIPOSIGN) at University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

By Susanne Siig Petersen

BIOCHEMISTRY/MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: The purpose of the funding and the new research centre is to combine experimental and computational systems approaches to obtain unprecedented insights into how fat cells receive and respond to signals at the level of the genome and the cell membrane.

Currently Professor Susanne Mandrup is head of the ATLAS Centre and in the future she is also going to lead the new centre ADIPOSIGN –  and she is of course very happy and excited about recieving the grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation:

“The funding of the building of ADIPOSIGN is amazing because it supports a very exciting project that investigates the function of fat cells in a completely new and multidisciplinary way, thus strengthening our research in molecular and cellular understanding of obesit.”

Susanne Mandrup continues by putting the funding into a higher perspective:

“At the same time, it is a major enhancement of our existing basic research centre ATLAS, clearly marking SDU’s leadership in functional genomics and metabolism.”

The goal of the research is to understand how fat cell signaling functions depend on depot, gender and genetic makeup, and how changes in these signaling functions during development of obesity contribute to the pathofysiological consequences of human obesity.

Congratulations to Professor Susanne Mandrup and her team!

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