D-IAS Assistant Professor James Rogers behind new series on History Hit

HISTORY: D-IAS Assistant Professor James Rogers from Center for War Studies at SDU has made a whole series of untold stories of weapons of war on History Hit. In five episodes he takes us through some of the maybe more hidden and unknown chapters in war history. 

The Butterfly Bombing of Grimsby

In 1943 the residents of Grimsby and Cleethorpes became the victims of a new type of morale-wrecking weapon: The butterfly bomb. 

As a historian James Rogers unfolds the story of the Butterfly Bombing of Grimsby – and he explains how the local residents of Grimsby and the surrounding area pulled together to deal with this new threat. When you think about the bombing of the UK during the Second World War, many initially think of the Blitz and the use of horrific terror weapons such as the V1 and V2 rockets. Yet in the north too, towns and cities suffered from similarly-terrifying air-raids. One such city was Grimsby, situated on the southern bank of the Humber estuary.

Untold – Weapons of War – The Butterfly Bombing of Grimsby

Operation Anvil – Joseph Kennedy Jr 

On 12 August 1944 Joseph Kennedy Jr. – older brother of the famous John Kennedy – flew a liberator drone high up into the Norfolk skies as part of Operation Anvil. Their objective was to guide the aircraft towards a secret German V3 site at Mimoyecques in France. But things did not go according to plan: The drone exploded mid-air before Kennedy or his co-pilot could escape the craft, killing both.

In this documentary, James Rogers explores the story behind Operation Anvil and the fateful final flight of a man who was meant to be the President of the United States.

Untold – Weapons of War – Joseph Kennedy Jr