Assistant Professor D-IAS 2017, Technical Science: Quantum Optical Information Technologies

The Danish Institute for Advanced Study seeks outstanding candidates to fill several positions at the assistant professor level in the research areas of interest for the centre.

The position is sponsored by, and located at, the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and starts autumn 2017.

The appointment is for four years with the possibility for a subsequent two years of employment as associate professor.

Technical Science: Quantum Optical Information Technologies, Faculty of Engineering, The Mads Clausen Institute

The successful candidate is expected to conduct cutting-edge experimentally-based research within quantum optical information technologies in synergy with one or more of the ongoing research activities within quantum plasmonics and nanophotonics, gradient metasurfaces and plasmon-based nanophotonics.

The Mads Clausen Institute houses the internationally leading research groups: Centre for Nano Optics (SDU Nano Optics: and Nanotechnology Centre (SDU NanoSYD: equipped with modern nanofabrication and optical characterization facilities. Applicants must have a PhD-degree in physics.

For further information please contact Prof. Sergey Bozhevolnyi (Head of SDU Nano Optics),; telephone +45 6550 7341