Sune Lehmann

"Measuring social networks with high resolution"

Sune Lehmann
09/10 2019
12:15-13:15, D-IAS Conference Room, SDU, Odense

Measuring social networks with high resolution

By Professor Sune Lehmann, DTU COMPUTE, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


In other to understand the multi-layered and dynamic social interactions within a large social system, I equipped 1000 freshman students at the Technical University of Denmark with top-of-the-line smartphones running custom software designed to collect interactions mediated through face-to-face meetings (proximity estimated via Bluetooth), telecommunication (phone-calls, text messages), and online social networks (Facebook friendships and interactions). The phones also collected geo-locations, wifi-signals, and a number of other data channels; participants also answered paneled questionnaires regarding personality, study habits, and health-related behavior. The data collection lasted 2.5 years. Through this very rich dataset, we have learned about much more than dynamic social networks. In my talk, I will discuss key findings from this study, with an emphasis on communities in dynamic networks and recent results on human mobility.