Ronni N. Glud

"Exploration of the deepest Oceanic Trenches on Earth"

Ronni N. Glud
21/02 2018
12:15-13:15, Danish IAS conference room - Ø18-509-1

Professor, Nordic Center for Earth Evolution, Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

Deep trenches stretch down to 11km of water depth and represent some of the most remote, extreme, and scantly explored habitats on Earth. The reasons being, the logistic and technological challenges of exploring great ocean depths and the general misperception that processes in the deep sea are of little importance for the functioning of the oceans and Earth. Recent advances suggest that hadal trenches host elevated biological activity and act as hotspots for deposition and mineralization of organic material. Jet we know very little about the biological communities living in the deepest part of the oceans or their importance for the marine realm. The presentation will discuss the status, recent advances and future challenges in the exploration of the greats depths on Earth.

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