George Davey Smith

"Triangulation of evidence: strengthening causal inference in observational epidemiology"

George Davey Smith
17/04 2018
14:00-15:30, National institute of Public Health, Studiestræde 6 - 1455 Kbh. K
Pop-Up Lecture Copenhagen

Many observational data analyses attempt to contribute to causal inference with respect to potentially modifiable causes of disease. I will suggest that there is no single study, study design or analytical method which guarantees findings will be reliable, and that a range of methods – each with different potential biases, but biases which are (ideally) orthogonal to each other – should be utilised.

Professor George Davey Smith is a clinical epidemiologist whose research has pioneered (1) understanding of the causes and alleviation of health inequalities; (2) lifecourse epidemiology (3) systematic reviewing of evidence of effectiveness of health care and health policy interventions (4) population health contributions of the new genetics. 

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