Peter Martin

Human Health - Healthy Conversations. How skilled conversations can enhance the health of both our community and our health workforce.

Professor of Clinical Communication & End-of-Life Care, Deakin University School of Medicine.

Peter Martin
05/05 2021
12:15-13:15, On Zoom
Guest Lecture

For decades there has been an emerging literature about the benefits of skilled effective communication to both patients, families, communities, and health care workers. This presentation will focus on the emerging benefits of these healthy conversations and postulate key approaches to narrowing the theory-practice gap that appears so established in our health systems.

This lecture is part of our program on Human Health. See the full program here.

About Peter Martin
Peter Martin, MB BCh BAO, MMed, FAChPM, is Professor of Clinical Communication & End-of-Life Care, Deakin University School of Medicine, Australia. He is also Director at the Centre for Organisational Change in Person-Centred Healthcare (OCPH), Deakin University, as well as a Palliative Medicine Physician.

Peter Martin has been involved with communication skills training for 25+ years and has been a clinician for over 30 years. His clinical interest is cancer cachexia. He has taught communication skills with Cambridge, Monash, Melbourne and Deakin medical schools. He has taught at numerous postgraduate courses with a variety of health professional disciplines nationally over the last 15+ years.

Since becoming the Director of OCPH he has developed and run numerous 1, 2 or 3-day courses on healthcare communication including numerous train-the-trainer courses. The OCPH’s major intervention is an organisational level intervention to drive person-centred healthcare communication called Your Thoughts Matter.

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About Human Health

Human Health is University of Southern Denmark’s platform for interdisciplinary research into social and human factors for successful health communication and health intervention. Such knowledge is essential to enable the healthcare system to understand what it means to live with a disease and to communicate across human differences in terms of social and cultural background.

Human Health is a unique collaborative platform that brings together strong research environments across the humanities, health sciences and social sciences. While the overall aim of Human Health is to promote health and well-being and to reduce health inequalities, the aspiration of every Human Health research project is to ensure that knowledge of social and human factors become an integral part of health communication and healthcare interaction in the Danish healthcare system.

In a series of three lectures the Human Health platform invites distinguished and international collaborators within the field of health humanities to present and discus key approaches to successful health communication.