Paul Richard Sharp

History of Capitalism: Denmark and the Renaissance of Economic History

Professor at Department of Business and Economics and Econometrics and Economic History
Senior Fellow at Danish Institute for Advanced Study

Paul Richard Sharp
24/03 2021
12:15-13:15, On Zoom:;

The field of economic history has enjoyed something of a renaissance recently given the quantitative turn in economics. Important lessons for today can be learned from the collection and analysis of historical data, and the tools of economics are providing important new findings about history.

Professor Paul Sharp is recognized at home and abroad as a leading authority on Danish economic history, and he currently heads the Historical Economics and Development Group (HEDG) at the Department of Business and Economics, SDU. In this lecture, Paul will give an overview of his research agenda. His work challenges traditional narratives about Danish history, and at the same time provides significant lessons for other countries seeking to mimic the Danish development path.

Paul’s position as one of the leading economic historians in Europe has been recognized in a variety of ways. In 2014 he was appointed a Research Associate at CAGE, University of Warwick, and in 2015 as Research Fellow for the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London. The latter is a prestigious appointment at the highest level of the organization which, in its own words, “includes over 1,300 of the top economists conducting research on issues affecting the European economy”. From 2019-20 he is also Gaidar Fellow at the Presidential Academy of the National Economy (RANEPA) in Moscow, Russia.

Paul is an accomplished PI, and currently supervises four PhD students and one post.doc, with four previous PhD students as main or co-supervisor. He is managing three grants at present, two of around 6 million kroner each from Independent Research Fund Denmark, and one from the Carlsberg Foundation of around 2 million kroner. In 2016 he was awarded the highest level of Independent Research Fund Denmark’s Sapere Aude grant (at that time level 2). His research has been recognized through prizes, and through press coverage at home and abroad.

Paul’s services to the profession are many. He is editor of the European Historical Economics Society’s working paper series, editor of the Scandinavian Economic History Review, is on the editorial board of Cliometrica and is senior editor for economic history of the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance. From 2017-21 he is a trustee of the American Economic History Association. He has been Chair of the Danish Society for Economic and Social History since 2014, and in 2018 was elected president of the umbrella organization, the Scandinavian Society for Economic and Social History. He referees for many journals and publishers from various fields, is frequently asked to serve on grant and PhD evaluation committees abroad, and within Denmark has served as an expert on panels and committees for for example the Danish Central Bank and Statistics Denmark.

This lecture is a part of our program on the history of capitalism.

About Paul Richard Sharp

Paul Richard Sharp has a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Copenhagen in 2009. His career includes accommodations at University of Oxford, UC Davis in California, EUI in Florence and Humboldt University in Berlin.

He is Professor at Department of Business and Economics, at Econometrics and Economic History, at HEWI, at HEDG, at Interdisciplinary Centre on Population Dynamics, and Senior Fellow at Danish Institute for Advanced Study.


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