Kim Ravnskjær

"Hepatic deconstruction – listening in on the cellular symphony of disease"

Kim Ravnskjær
30/11 2016
12:15-13:15, Danish IAS conference room (Ø18-509-1)

Fatty liver disease affects one in four. Amongst the obese or diabetic the number is three in four. Fatty liver disease follows the alarming trends of the worldwide obesity epidemic and children as young as four years of age have been diagnosed. Most of those affected have very mild symptoms, some will never know, but a few percent will develop severe complications such as reduced liver function, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Even worse, no approved treatment effectively stops or reverses fatty liver disease at its late stages.

On the basis of our own research, this presentation will discuss the immense complexity of the liver in health and disease. We will listen in on the symphony of signals between the highly coordinated cell types that shape liver function and we will consider novel ways to examine and interpret their tunes one by one.