Kannan Govindan

Marrying two popular notions, "Industry 4.0" and "Sustainability": SDG Focus

Founder and current Head of the Center for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering, SDU.
Chair at Danish Institute for Advanced Study

Kannan Govindan
28/04 2021
12:15-13:15, https://syddanskuni.zoom.us/j/62149430398

The importance of Industry 4.0 benefits gradually persuades the enterprises’ leadership to move rapidly towards the Industry 4.0 era. On the other hand, the term sustainability has already been expanded as a priority among the companies. Actually, firms pay attention not only to the economic sustainability but also to the social sustainability and environmental sustainability.

The deterioration of climate change effects and global warming and the depletion of natural resources and their scarcity have triggered global institutes such as the European Commission to enact drastic initiatives against all those phenomena. For that reason, the European Union promotes the platform of Circular Economy as a method against the traditional “Linear Economy” which has a harmful environmental impact.

In this lecture, I will connect the linkage between Industry 4.0 and sustainability.

This lecture is a part of our project “SDG-Tools”.

About Kannan Govindan

in 2018 and 2019 Professor Kannan Govindan received the highly cited researcher award from Thomson-Reuters/Clarivate Analytics (one of only 204 researchers to be listed in the engineering category). He received the Fyens Stiftstidende research award for 2019. He also received the High-Level Overseas Innovative Talent to Tianjin award (Under 1000 talents program for High-Level Overseas Innovative Talent experts of Tianjin Province) from Tianjin Province, China. He was awarded the Gold Medal for the best Ph.D. thesis from the former president of India. Also, he was awarded Young Alumni Achiever Award for Excellence in Academic / Research from the governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He received the International Young Scientists award from the Chinese Academy of Science, 2012–2013.

His research interests include digital supply chain, industry 4.0 on supply chain, sustainable development goals, reverse logistics, closed loop supply chain, digitalized sustainable circular economy, green supply chain management, and sustainable supply chain management.


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