Guido Martinelli

"Flavor Physics for Non-Experts: (a Theory) Overview"

Guido Martinelli
25/04 2018
15:00-16:00, Danish IAS conference room (Ø18-509-1)

The last fifty years witnessed the extraordinary success of the Standard Model of particle physics and of the Standard Model of Cosmology. These theories, which are able to explain an incredible number of physical processes and experimental observations, leave, however, many fundamental questions unanswered: the origin of the asymmetry between matter and anti-matter in our universe, the nature of dark matter, and dark energy, the existence of a plurality of particle families with essentially the same properties. Flavour physics offers the opportunity of unveal some of these misteries. Several aspects of flavour physics, including the recent experimental “anomalies” which could signal new phenomena, will be  presented and discussed.  

Guido Martinelli is a central figure in particle physics in Italy and worldwide. He has a unique understanding of both the experimental and theoretical aspectsof high energy physics which makes him a leading scientist in the field. Guido graduated  at the “Sapienza” University in Rome in 1975 under the supervision of Nicola Cabibbo and Giorgio Parisi. He then spent 10 years at the National Laboratories in Frascati which were followedby 8 years at CERN in Geneva. He is professor in Physics at the “Sapienza”University since 1988. He has covered many important roles in steeringresearch in Italy as president of the Theoretical Particle Physics groupwithin the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) from 2009 to 2011 and the director of the International Advanced Studies Institute (SISSA) in Trieste from 2010 to 2015. The latter being one the Excellence InternationalPhD Schools in Italy. Guido’s interests are broad. He is mostly known for his works on elementary particlesand phenomenology, including strong and weak interactions, flavour physics, perturbativemethods as well as lattice simulations and statistical mechanics.

As a further proof of that Guido has been awarded an advanced ERC grant in 2010 for the  DaMeSyFla(Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavour and Dark Matter: One Solution for Three Mysteries)project. Guido Martinelli is also an amateur painter (see the Lattice 2010 Conference poster) and a motorbike lover(especially of the brand Triumph).