Alexandre Dmitriev

"Light-steering by ┬┤fridge magnets┬┤in nanoscale landscapes"

Alexandre Dmitriev
14/03 2018
12:15-13:15, Danish IAS conference room

Professor of Physics, Dept. of Physics, University of Gothenburg

Light is notoriously hard to steer. What the nature developed and your eye does in milliseconds, changing the focal distance of the eye lens, is hardly available in bulky conventional optics. In our lab, we envision crafting the nanoscale landscapes on surfaces where the free-propagating visible and near-infrared light can change its polarization, propagation direction and focusing by the externally-applied static weak magnetic fields. For this we use the combination of optical nanoantennas that concentrate and enhance light at the nanoscale, and the externally-controlled magnetic nanoelements. This will help building nanometer-thin and real-time-tunable elements that would be used in the future optics. We also develop various bottom-up nanofabrication methods to produce large surfaces with optical nanoantennas that can be used in nanophotovoltaics, thermal management and other fields.